A Streamlined Experience

Instant Pricing and Professional Workers

Competitive Rates

We stay competitive by specializing in small to medium sized trees.  By keeping our overhead low we keep our rates low too.

Automated Pricing

We built a pricing model using data from thousands of trees so that you can get a quote in seconds, right from our website.

Licensed & Insured

We are licensed and insured for the jobs you don’t feel quite up to tackling yourself.

Cut it down. Clean it up. Haul it away.

Our job is simple, to make you happy! We love leaving a customer feeling like they got a great deal on tree removal. We can do “drop and chop” jobs at a lower price where we leave the cleanup to you, or we can clean it all ourselves. Some customers like to keep the firewood too; just let us know and we’ll make it happen!

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Rid your yard of bothersome stumps!

We grind stumps to about six inches below ground level. As long as we can get to it we’ll grind it! (The grinder is about 39″ wide). The mulch and chips created during the grinding process is great to lay in garden and flower beds. We’ll rake everything into one central pile for you to spread where you please.

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Tree trimming. Maintain your tree's health.

Our arborists are certified through ISA, which means when we trim your trees you don’t have to worry about them dying (yes that can happen if you do it wrong!) or looking ugly and mishaped.

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Want to Save Money on Tree Removal?

Utah is home to many hardwoods used to create beautiful tables, counters, shelves and more.  We work with Maple Creek Mill to slab cut larger logs and resell them on the side. If your tree has a diameter at the base of at least 18″ we can help you make money back on your tree.

Not sure if your tree is valuable? Some of the more common hardwoods in Utah include walnut, oak, maple, elm, ash, and cherry. Softer woods like poplar, spruce and pine are also in demand to turn into beams and axe throwing rounds. We’ve helped some customers make hundreds of dollars back on their trees.

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Tree work is messy, but our mothers taught us well.

Once the buzzing of the chainsaws is over we pull out the rakes and leaf blowers to clean up all the twigs, leaves, and sawdust. Nobody likes a messy neighbor!

Cleanup and professionalism at all times is part of our reputation. When a third of our business comes from friends referring friends, we can’t afford to leave a mess behind!

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